Family farm and
home of Relihan Distillery

Our philosophy is simple. Use only best, locally sourced ingredients to create a high-end gin for people who value the good things in life

SpesBona farm's history is as unique as Relihan gin itself


Relihan generation on the SpesBona farm

SpesBona has been in the Relihan family since 1865 and inhabited by successive generations of Relihan’s living close to the land, all with artisanal tendencies – from cart wrights and clock makers to farmers and distillers!


Exceptional gin made with local grapes and the finest ingredients

Quality ingredients

We try to source ingredients for our superior tasting gin from local producers. In the case that ingredients aren't available on South African shores, we source Juniper Berries from Tuscany, Vanilla from Reunion and Cassia and Cardamom from Asia.

"It's an age old tradition for each Swartland farm to have a potstill. By producing fine spirits The SpesBona Farm is keeping an age old tradition alive and flourishing."

Swartland grapes

Swartland means 'the black land 'in Afrikaans. The name is derived from the local Renosterveld that covers the land and turns dark grey after the rains. The Swartland's warm, dry climate makes it favourable for growing some of the finest grapes in the world.

“It is such an honour to collaborate with Swartland farmers. Using some of the worlds finest grapes, we are able to create our unique gin.”