Classic Gin (750ml)

Double distilled from white grapes from the Swartland. Infused with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Cassia and Cardamom. Light Pine & Juniper taste and smell so the other spices can be explored as well. Best enjoyed with ice, a hint of lime and Tonic water.

Cape Fynbos Gin (750ml)

Local ingredients found on the farm such as Buchu, wild Fennel and Rooibos make its flavour one of a kind. Expect seasonal variations when ingredients such as sour figs ripen. Can be enjoyed with Bitters and berries of your choice.


Funky pink Gin (500ml)

Live a little with some pink gin. Flavours include Hibiscus, Cranberries and a hint of Vanilla make this a unique sundowner. Drink neat on crushed ice or with a suger free tonic and vanilla.

Relihan Grape Spirit (500ml)

Distilled and aged as a Grappa de Vino. We use small in a pot still configuration to retain the full character of the grapes. Only the heart of each run is retained and briefly exposed to oak to add a subtle aroma.


Honey Digestif (500ml)

This gin is seasonally produced from lemons that are grown on the farm. The acidity of the lemons, coupled with the sweet, bitter flavour of juniper berries, impart a refreshing taste on this unique gin. Enjoy after supper or with light deserts.