Honey Digestif

Honey Digestif (500ml)


The fresh taste of lemons makes this gin something beautiful.

We'd like to believe that gin isn't only meant to be enjoyed one or two ways. And also that it can be many things, in many forms. When it is served with tonic it makes for a great sundowner. Add freshly ground and cucumber and enjoy it on the rocks around the fireplace on winter nights. Or, instill it with the sweet, acidic flavour of fresh lemons cultivated on our farm, and what you get is a palate cleansing digestif. You can enjoy this on the rocks with a sprig of mint, with a dash of cane sugar syrup, or even over Italian ice cream. Seeing as it clears the palate and opens the senses, we recommend this as a spirit to enjoy either by itself, or paired with light, simple, uncomplicated delights.


Lemon and gin taste, refreshing but full

Fresh & Crisp

Sweet and acidic

Main Tasting Notes

  • Juniper berries
  • Lemon
  • Cane sugar

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