Funky pink

Funky pink Gin (500ml)


Find yourself craving something beyond the norm? This pink beauty promises to deliver something new.

Who says the world should be drab? Live a little with some fabulous pink gin. A beautiful blush hued gin with plenty of character. This gin is extremely versatile, as it can be dressed up for a sophisticated occasion, or dressed down for a casual meeting of great friends. The base is nothing other than our very best Classic dry gin. We infuse some interesting ( but very healthy) flavours into the dry gin. This includes Hibiscus, tangy Cranberries, a hint of sweet Vanilla bean and some more to create the ideal summer sundowner. Drink neat on crushed ice or with a sugar free tonic.


Very palatable, light, floral effervescent

Lively and Floral

Berry notes with a vanilla finish

Main Tasting Notes

  • Vanilla
  • Hibiscus
  • Cranberry

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