Cape Fynbos

Cape Fynbos Gin (750ml)


We are so blessed here in the Cape to be surrounded by Fynbos, because it grows nowhere else in the world.

Patriotic and bold. The aromatic base is distilled from local grapes that adds to the complexity of this beautiful Gin. Apart from the classic Gin spices such as Juniper, Coriander and Liquorice, we add some local ingredients from the farm such as Buchu, wild Fennel and Rooibos to the infusion. This is distilled in small 100 litre stills, in a potstill configuration to retain all the rich aromas. This Gin will have seasonal variations when local ingredients such sour figs ripen. Enjoy with lots of ice, a dash of Bitters, quality tonic and whatever berries or herbs you like - for a true taste of the Cape.


A more subdued herbal taste

Warm and Velvety

Subtle heat with a woody finish

Main Tasting Notes

  • Wild Fennel
  • Rooibos
  • Buchu

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